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What is the Eclective?

Is Eclective a real word?  Well, not yet...

But writing takes all sorts.

We all have our own approaches to coming up with ideas and developing them.  Some throw out thousands of words and edit later.  Some write and edit as they go.

Some of us write first thing in the morning.  Some into the wee small hours.  Some of us talk about it an awful lot and write very little...

There are writers of mystery, comedy, romance, horror. There are poets, novelists, short story writers and playwrights.

But we have one thing in common.  The most important thing.  We want to write things that matter.  Things that people will respond to - with recognition, tears, laughter.  Or all of these.

So LWE aims to bring together writers of all sorts, providing support, encouragement and learning so we can get better at our craft.

An eclectic collective.  We just think Eclective is easier to say.


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